A BANNED motorist who killed his girlfriend when the stolen car he was driving hit a wall was freed yesterday.

Lee Bayliss, 35, from Oxford, was sentenced to the two-year minimum at the city’s crown court in 2006 after admitting causing Susan Fenton’s death by dangerous driving.

However, he was considered dangerous and would remain locked up until the parole board was convinced he no longer posed a threat to the public.

Now six-and-a-half years after being locked up, Mr Bayliss, formerly of Banbury Road, is free, and top judges said he should never have been given the term in the first place.

Sir Geoffrey Grigson, sitting at the Criminal Court of Appeal with Lord Justice Hughes and Mr Justice Ramsey, said there was no evidence Mr Bayliss posed a risk of “serious harm”.

The court heard Mr Bayliss killed his 32-year-old girlfriend when he smashed a stolen Honda Prelude into a wall in Wytham at high speed.

Previous convictions for taking cars without consent and driving while disqualified were given as reasons for the open-ended sentence.

Mr Bayliss had already lost his release in hearings before the Parole Board, High Court and Civil Court of Appeal, before his case returned to court.