THE cars were not the only stars when a garage from Oxfordshire made its TV debut.

Solo Italia dealership in Eynsham features in the National Geographic programme Strippers: Cars for Cash tonight, following filming earlier this year.

The second-hand dealer and Italian car specialist sold the show a car to be used as part of a challenge, and managing director Rick Howes and head mechanic Gary Dowsett found themselves under the spotlight as part of the recording.

“It was quite scary and nerve-wracking to be honest when the cameras were on,” said Mr Howes.

“I don’t think we’ll be jacking in the garage to become actors any time soon, there were quite a few re-takes.

“We did it for a laugh and because it would be good promotion for the business.

“I’ve got over 20 years of experience in the car trade but have never done anything like this.”

The programme features two teams who battle it out in an attempt to turn piles of scrap into piles of cash with three days to find, dismantle and sell off the parts.

The show is due to be shown tonight on Sky channel 526.