HEALTH service staff met Oxford residents at the Kassam Stadium as part of a campaign to raise awareness of mouth cancer.

Staff from Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust brought an information bus to the stadium on Saturday as part of Mouth Cancer Action Month.

Those who smoke or chew tobacco are most at risk of the disease.

young people are increasingly at risk because of Human Papilloma Viruses (HPV).

Common HPVs are spread from sexual activity.

Symptoms of mouth cancer include persistent ulcers and lumps.

Trust health improvement practitioner Heather Duignan said: “We were very excited to have the opportunity to visit the Oxford Stadium to raise awareness of mouth cancer.

“Latest figures show that incidence rates of mouth cancer in the UK have increased by nearly 30 per cent in the last decade while four in five people still do not know any symptoms of the disease.”

She said: “We hope that by raising awareness we can help to prevent mouth cancer and encourage prompt diagnosis.

“Early detection really does save lives.”