TWO buildings in Oxford’s Cowley Road will be demolished to make way for a shop, offices, a two- bedroom flat and 18 student rooms.

A similar application for the site on the corner of Randolph Street was turned down in August because the scheme did not replace a five-bedroom home that is among existing buildings demolished.

But now Oxford City Council’s west area planning committee has granted the application, for 220 and 222 Cowley Road. Nik Lyzba, speaking on behalf of applicant RMA Properties, said: “This is the third planning application. The last one was refused solely because of the lack of replacement houses in multiple occupation (HMO) on the corner.

“This application replaces the two buildings, improves the retail shop and replaces the house on the corner with a two bedroom unit.”

He added: “As I explained last time, the property on the corner is in a very poor condition and is providing poor student accommodation for those inside.”

Oxford City Council’s planning officers had recommended councillors approve the new planning application.

Planning officer Murray Hancock said: “The existing HMO is not suitable for family use because it has no garden.

“We think a good sized two-bedroom flat suits the site better.

“It does mean a loss of accommodation but we do not think we can fit a house on the site easily and do all that the application is trying to achieve.”

Councillor Shah Khan said: “The applicant has done an excellent building at the other side of the road, 200 metres away, and one in Marston Street as well. I think it is a very good scheme.”

Councillors supported the scheme and the application will be rubber stamped once a legal agreement is agreed over developer contributions for the community.

The city council has asked for £1,080 towards indoor sport provision and Oxfordshire County Council has asked for £1,134 towards libraries and £2,484 towards cycle safety measures.