THEY jumped around, waved pom poms and built up a sweat, and all to help a baby with an incurable skin condition.

Baby Anthony Brine and his mum Daniela watched dad Richard, 32, and five-year-old brother Shane join a group to take part in a Cheerobics session.

Anthony, almost six months, has Epidermolysis Bullosa, EB, a genetic condition where the skin and internal body linings blister at the slightest knock.

The condition is life-limiting and has no cure. His family want to raise as much cash as possible for charity Debra, which is researching to find a cure.

When members of gym Evolve Fitness, Murdock Road, heard about the tot’s plight they staged the event to raise £400.

Anthony’s skin is so delicate Mrs Brine, 24, of Ambrosden, near Bicester, will never be able to cuddle her baby son properly. She and her soldier husband have been trained how to hold him so he cannot wriggle and hurt himself.

Mrs Brine said: “I was very kind of them to do it. I didn’t know any of them, so it was really nice of them to come out and help.”