OXFORD Pride is adding to the number of people it supports by including national groups among its good causes.

In previous years, the not-for-profit group – which celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) life – has supported just one local charity, giving an annual donation.

But following a committee meeting last month it was decided to support Oxford Friend, the Albert Kennedy Trust and the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

The group said that while the LGBT community enjoys a lot of freedom and rights in the UK, there are a large number of countries around the world where this is not the case.

By expanding support to charities who work internationally, to support LGBT people in countries where they face criminal conviction and harsh punishments, Oxford Pride hopes to raise awareness of the issues.

Chairman Dave Legg said: “I am very pleased that Pride is supporting three very valuable and worthwhile causes this year, all of which fit well with our theme and aims.

“It is about recognising that there’s a lot of LGBT issues in other countries that people have forgotten about.”

Locally, Oxford Pride will be supporting Oxford Friend, a free and confidential information, support and counselling service for LGBT people.

Oxford Friend has been running since 1980 and people get in touch if they are uncertain about their sexuality, have problems at work, or difficulties in their relationships with friends, family or partners.

The Oxford Pride committee has also chosen to support the Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity which helps young LGBT people who are made homeless.

The charity is named after a 16-year-old social services care leaver from Manchester who died after falling from a car park roof in Manchester city centre in 1989, after being chased by attackers in a car.

Oxford Pride is also supporting an organisation founded by one of its patrons, Peter Tatchell.

His foundation seeks to promote and protect the human rights of individuals, communities and nations, in the UK and internationally, in accordance with established national and international human rights law. Oxford Pride hosted Peter Tatchell on its stage at Oxford Pride earlier this year.

  • For more information visit oxford-pride.org.uk