It's love all with free tennis for the family

Oxford Mail: Helen Skelton with some young tennis fans

11:00am Friday 20th June 2014

As tennis fever starts to grip Oxford ahead of Wimbledon, TV presenter Helen Skelton tells Jaine Blackman about free tennis weekends designed to get families playing together

It's hair today... gone tomorrow

Oxford Mail: It's hair today... gone tomorrow

11:00am Friday 6th June 2014

Liz Nicholls gets to the, erm, bottom of the bikini-line business looking at trends and methods of staying smooth this summer

FitSteps is Strictly for getting in trim

Oxford Mail: FitSteps is Strictly for getting in trim

11:00am Friday 2nd May 2014

Get fit the Strictly way with new classes created by one of the show's stars. As Jaine Blackman discovers, sequins really aren't necessary...

Menopause - you're not on your own

Oxford Mail: Menopause - you're not on your own

11:00am Friday 2nd May 2014

More than 50 per cent of women feel unsupported in the lead up to the menopause but advice and relief is out there, as expert Eileen Durward explains

Fit some exercise in to your working day

Oxford Mail: Fit some exercise in to your working day

11:00am Friday 11th April 2014

Jaine Blackman discovers the top ways to keep fit in your lunch hour

Give yourself a chill-out break

Oxford Mail: Give yourself a chill-out break

11:00am Friday 21st March 2014

Give yourself the gift of wellbeing this Mother’s Day. Experts share their personal tips with Jaine Blackman and show that you don’t always need fancy spas and endless spare time to boost the feel-good factor

Oh baby, look at you! My first 4D scan

Oxford Mail: Katrina Thornton

11:00am Friday 21st February 2014

Baby’s first photo has come a long way thanks to advances in technology. Jaine Blackman finds out more at an Oxfordshire clinic and talks to pregnant mum Katrina Thornton about her first 4D scan

Dirty Dancing workshop - Rebecca has the time of her life!

Oxford Mail: Dancer James Bennett with Rebecca

11:00am Friday 14th February 2014

Don’t call her Baby but Rebecca Moore enjoys making a childhood fantasy come true at a Dirty Dancing masterclass

Sunnier outlook for our pensions

Oxford Mail: Sunnier outlook for our pensions

11:00am Friday 31st January 2014

The new year has already provided some much-needed glimmers of financial hope for people approaching retirement. Gill Oliver reports

Don't be scared to join the gym

Oxford Mail: People exercising at an InstructAbility training centre

11:00am Friday 24th January 2014

Exercise is vital for good health and wellbeing - and that applies to everybody. But if you're disabled, getting started with a fitness regime can be particularly challenging. Jaine Blackman speaks to the people hoping this will change

Seven steps to greater health

Oxford Mail: Take some small steps to make big improvements. Try yoga, get active and don't miss any health check-ups!

11:00am Friday 10th January 2014

Taking small, sensible steps – which you can actually stick to – could improve your health beyond measure. Jaine Blackman suggests a septet for success

Step up to new ways to get fitter in 2014

Oxford Mail: Fitsteps offer a fun way to get fit

11:00am Friday 10th January 2014

If you’re determined to get active in 2014, but want something a little more exciting than the treadmill, join Jaine Blackman as she takes a look at the new fitness crazes heading to Oxford’s gyms

Alternatives to the tradition Christmas turkey

Oxford Mail: Alternatives to the tradition Christmas turkey

11:00am Friday 13th December 2013

Tired of gobbling up turkey at Christmas? Or maybe you favour festive tradition over taste? Whatever you decide to cook, make sure it’s a delicious, hearty feast, says Jaine Blackman

Keeping Fit - 'I don't like to nag but don't eat ALL the (mince) pies'

11:00am Friday 13th December 2013

Lisa Cuerden provides tips to prevent over-indulging during the festive season

No sleep? Here's how to hide the telltale signs of a heavy night

Oxford Mail: Is it time for work already? When the alarm goes you may be regretting that one - or more - for the road

11:00am Friday 13th December 2013

Jaine Blackman discovers products and tricks to feign eight hours sleep

Festive traumas of Christmas 2012 and Birmingham live on

12:00pm Friday 6th December 2013

KAT ORMAN looks back on her Xmas experience from last year and a trip to Birmingham

Trying the Dukan diet: Losing weight but losing marbles too

Oxford Mail: Gill Sutherland

11:38am Friday 6th December 2013

GILL SUTHERLAND gives the Dukan diet a go

British Diabetic Association's top five worst diets of 2013

Oxford Mail: A look at this year's worst diets

11:27am Friday 6th December 2013

Dishing the dirt on celebrity diets: JAINE BLACKMAN looks at the worst

Tips to help you stay well and happy this winter

Oxford Mail: Get out and about

5:00pm Friday 18th October 2013

October’s set in, and with it the inevitable darker evenings, cold misty mornings and – for many – an impending sense of doom.

Taking control of all your options

Oxford Mail: Find the right contraception for you

5:00pm Friday 4th October 2013

When was the last time you had a good chat with a healthcare professional about contraception? As a survey reveals that many women don’t feel they’re being given enough information, Jaine Blackman looks at the choices available and where you can find information in Oxfordshire

Let there be sleep

5:00pm Friday 6th September 2013

Eight hours; the Holy Grail of snoozing. If only we could master it, we’d be healthier, happier, calmer, sharper and generally-all-round-better versions of our usual groggy, yawning, puffy-eyed selves.

It's the simple things - stay cheerful on the cheap

Oxford Mail: It's the simple things - stay cheerful on the cheap

5:00pm Friday 30th August 2013

Forget boutique shopping therapy and yoga holidays, sometimes it's the simple things in life that make all the difference. Rebecca Moore suggests ten cheap, cheerful and easy ways to boost your spirits as summer draws to a close

Tackling the misery of migraine

Oxford Mail: Tackling the misery of migraine

5:00pm Friday 23rd August 2013

Think a migraine is ‘just another headache’? The debilitating condition affects millions but remains largely misunderstood – which Migraine Awareness Week aims to change. Jaine Blackman reports on the conditions and diecovers what help is at hand in Oxford With more than eight million people in the UK affected, migraine is more common than diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined. Yet it’s often badly misunderstood and public awareness is low.

Teenage golfer has a ball

Oxford Mail: Abi Laker

5:00pm Friday 2nd August 2013

When Terry Laker first took his young daughter to hit a few golf balls he could little have imagined that she’d soon be a better player than him and that the sport would see her travelling the world.

When all you want is your big sister

Oxford Mail: Kym-Marie Cleasby and her daughter Beth

5:00pm Friday 2nd August 2013

One in four women are now drinking beyond the recommended alcohol limit each week – and some, like Kym-Marie Cleasby’s daughter Beth, have risked their health and even their lives in a terrifying cycle of binge drinking.

Bring me sunshine

5:00pm Friday 26th July 2013

The sun is out and sales of sun cream are sky high, but is it really that bright to smother yourself in cream and cover up any time you venture out?

When obsession takes over

Oxford Mail: Emily Bruce

5:00pm Friday 26th July 2013

“At least with OCD you must have a clean and tidy house,” I once remarked flippantly to a sufferer of obsessive–compulsive disorder.

Beating depression with an iron will

5:00pm Friday 19th July 2013

At the end of a day at Oxford University’s Bodleian Library, 29- year-old Verity Westgate sets aside her weighty tomes and emerges from among the shelves, sleek and lean in lycra as she prepares to take on a physical challenge, the mere thought of which would exhaust lesser mortals.

Growing Old is Not A Sin

Oxford Mail: MARY TODAY: "I’ll run barefoot in the summer rain if I get the urge and I’m booked on to a Learn to Sing workshop (despite always being told I can’t) to the music of Queen'

5:00pm Friday 5th July 2013

MARY EVANS YOUNG (pictured above) explains why she prefers ageing with attitude to polite oblivion. So she’s off to Cropredy...

Queen of the Swingers

Oxford Mail: OPEN SWIMMER: Annie Oberlin-Harris

5:00pm Friday 5th July 2013

Open water swimming is growing in popularity.   JAINE BLACKMAN meets a sportswoman who has turned her passion into a profession – and then takes the plunge to see what all the fuss is about...

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