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Teen Taste at Boost juice bar in Oxford

Oxford Mail: Teen Taste at Boost juice bar in Oxford

10:15am Thursday 15th May 2014

Angus Henderson on why a quick takeaway juice bar in Oxford is the place to go

Starting up: Baz Butcher @ St Giles Cafe- 'Recipe for success is all about the people'

Oxford Mail: People person: Baz at the cafe

6:42pm Thursday 12th September 2013

Baz Butcher of St Giles Cafe shares his thoughts on opening his own business

Beauty and the feast - Alex James and his Feastival

Oxford Mail: Alex James and Jamie Oliver

5:20pm Thursday 16th August 2012

FOUR days ago he was playing to 80,000 cheering fans at the Olympic closing ceremony celebration. Now he is embarking on something he insists is even more exciting – hosting his own festival.

Hic Hic Hooray!

Oxford Mail: CHIN CHIN: 'that ‘wonga’ you put away for a rainy day could be no better spent than by treating yourselves to a very special, VIP, what-the-hell-we’re-part-of-history cocktail...'

6:00pm Thursday 31st May 2012

Are you tired of street parties where pints and Pimm’s are the only libation? Are you longing for the perfect place to be seen supping that trendy cocktail and attracting a bit of attention?

Sup Prize

Oxford Mail: Perfume de Sonsierra, Rioja from Stevens Garnier

7:37pm Thursday 15th December 2011

Jessica Mann uncorks all the finest gifts and gadgets to help any drinks party go with a bang.

Drink In The Style

Oxford Mail: FEEL THE FIZZ: the new kid on the block

6:00pm Thursday 24th February 2011

This coming week Oxonians will be surrounded by lithe beauties in exquisite garments, chattering on their iPhones and tweeting about the up-and-coming artisans of the cloth.

Think Festive Plonk

Oxford Mail: IT'S A DIRTY JOB...:...but someone's got to do it!

6:00pm Thursday 9th December 2010

JESSICA MANN sniffs out perfect presents for that picky someone in your life this Christmas.

Cheers to Christmas!

Oxford Mail: ADD THAT SPARKLE: with a little 'Bolly'

8:00am Friday 18th December 2009

As Christmas shopping enters its last frenzied week JESSICA MANN gives her suggestions on what to get for festive tipplers.

Say Cheese...

Oxford Mail: YOU PREFERRED WHICH...? Jessica Mann and Giuseppe Vurchio

12:02pm Friday 11th December 2009

Christmas – a time of giving, taking and over-indulgence – particularly when it comes to food and drink. And what could be more seasonal than spoiling yourself to a decent wine and platter of cheese? But this yuletide, why not be patriotic too, and follow the example of Jessica Mann and the Randolph Hotel’s Maitre D’ Giuseppe Vurchio as they champion the best of English wines and cheeses.

Fishers, St Clement's, Oxford: Nautical but nice

Oxford Mail: Fishers, St Clement's, Oxford: Nautical but nice

11:35am Friday 7th August 2009

Vegetarian RICHARD CAVE goes fishing for a city eaterie where he can make a meal of the whole menu

Wine cafe hosts burlesque night

Oxford Mail: Wine, fine lingerie and soothing decor

12:20pm Friday 19th June 2009

DAD will have a smile on his face if you give him a ticket to the most talked about event in Oxford on Tuesday.

Size matters to wine drinkers

Oxford Mail: Emily Monsell of Berry Bros & Rudd, with from left a Split, Half, Bottle, Magnum, Double Magnum/Jeroboam, Methuselah, Salamanazar, Balthazar and the might Nebuchadnezzar.

12:16pm Friday 19th June 2009

DOES size really matter? If you ask that question to men, most will puff out their chest, look down their nose at you (even when they are your height) and say "Of course".

BrewDog bucks the trend

12:14pm Friday 19th June 2009

PUNK isn’t dead – it just comes with a hefty dose of Chinook hops these days.

Roxie marks her Turf

Oxford Mail: Roxie marks her Turf

11:43pm Wednesday 27th May 2009

Pub: The Turf Tavern, 4 Bath Place Holywell, Oxford, OX1 3SU Contact: 01865 243 235 or through their website www.turftavern.co.uk Opening hours: Mon - Sat 11 – 11PM, Sunday 12 – 11:30PM Dog friendly: Yes. There’s no official puppy proclamation posted anywhere, but over the bank holiday weekend I walked around and was greeted by friendly staff, and lots of people wanting to scratch my ears.

Cape Crusaders

Oxford Mail: MMM...: I think I'll have another

3:07pm Friday 15th May 2009

IT’S May. It’s spring. The baby birds are hatching, flowers are blooming.

Quaff with the Coens

Oxford Mail: "DUDE, MINE'S A CAUCASIAN...": or a White Russian as it's more popularly known.

2:50pm Friday 8th May 2009

To celebrate the start of the third Oxford Film Festival, which this year showcases the films of the Coen Brothers, drinks editor Jessica Mann takes a look at appropriate tipples to accompany each film.

Roxie's Review

Oxford Mail: Yum  . . Smells like Real Ale!

12:11pm Friday 10th April 2009

Roxie, the blonde Oxford pooch, takes a trip to Jericho and reviews the Old Bookbinders Ale House puppy friendliness. Her Verdict: Four Paws

Roxie's Review

Oxford Mail: I do like my bubbly!

1:21pm Friday 10th April 2009

Roxie, the blonde Oxford pooch takes a walk to the Isis Farmhouse pub to see what options they have for pups (and humans too!)

In the thick of it

Oxford Mail: Rubis

12:53pm Friday 10th April 2009

Chocolate's not just an Easter food, you can have it as an Easter drink as well.

Browns wades in to Boat Race rivalry

12:26pm Friday 27th March 2009

Browns brasseries in Oxford and Cambridge will be competing against each other today and across the weekend, to see who can out-drink the other with specially designed 'Oxbridge' cocktails.

Go For Looks Every Time

Oxford Mail: NOTHING FISHY ABOUT THIS LITTLE BEAUTY: Fish Hoek Pinotage Rose is a good buy at just under £6.50

11:38am Friday 13th February 2009

Despite what everyone tells you, looks really can be more important than personality.

Sparkling Valentine's Ideas

Oxford Mail: THE WAY TO A GIRL'S HEART: fizz, fizz and more fizz

11:33am Friday 13th February 2009

This Valentine’s Day The Guide’s wine connoisseur JESSICA MANN says there’s no need to blow it on bubbles...

New Zealand Bound

9:13am Friday 23rd January 2009

NEW Zealand wine growers have heard us singing the winter blues and decided to add some Zydeco to liven our spirits!

How low can you go?

Oxford Mail: It's possible to find decent wine that doesn't knock you out

5:01pm Friday 9th January 2009

Dear Jessica, Christmas and New Year’s Eve was a blur of friends, family and gluttony. I’m ready to start my resolutions, detox my diet and get back into shape. Can you recommend a lower alcohol wine that still tastes good?

A Great Wine To Grovel With...

10:24am Friday 28th November 2008

The Whine Column with Jessica Mann Dear Jessica: I have just finished my Christmas shopping. I know the country is in an economical crisis, and we should all be tightening our belts, but the Christmas spirit took over and I ended up spending an obscene amount of money. What wine should I give my husband when I show him the credit card bill?

A Wine That Cares...

3:33pm Friday 14th November 2008

DEAR JESSICA: I’ve fallen for a girl with a cause. In fact she doesn’t just have one cause, whether it’s Greenpeace or ferret rescue – she backs them all with equal amounts of enthusiasm. I am going to try to impress her by cooking dinner, all organic of course. I don’t want to offend her sense of ethics. What wine should I serve?

Find me a bargain

Oxford Mail: Find me a bargain

3:35pm Thursday 16th October 2008

DEAR JESSICA: The rising cost of student fees, and my summer earnings locked up in the Icelandic banking system has left me completely skint. I still want to enjoy good wine. Is there any wine that costs less than £3 a bottle and tastes good? Sarah G, Oxford Brookes University JESSICA UNCORKED: That depends on your definition of ‘tastes good.’ While some people like jumping out of airplanes, others prefer being pampered at a spa. Wine is similar. One person will like the youth and flamboyant flavour of a young Australian Shiraz, while another prefers the softer, more mature Bordeaux.

The Whine Column

Oxford Mail: The Whine Column

2:28pm Thursday 2nd October 2008

Dear Jessica, I have been married for almost 15 years and I no longer find my husband attractive. What wine can I drink or serve him to put the spark back in my marriage? Dominique Bliss, OXON Jessica Uncorked: The average Joe would have you believe that if he drinks enough his inhibitions will drop and put whatever your husband has been worrying about, (bank collapse or dramatic rise of cost of living), out of his head. He would liven up and act like that teenager you fell in love with.

Getting punchy

4:52pm Monday 1st September 2008

Dear Jessica, I am looking for a wine that comes in a large enough amount to use in punches, is cheap enough to throw into my cooking but is still nice to sip by itself.

Drink enough, you won't care

2:29pm Thursday 7th August 2008

Question: Dear Jessica, I have to take an overseas flight for business. Do you have any suggestion of what wine I should drink (and the airline that serves it) to pass the endless hours and cope with the tedium?

Meet the parents!

2:07pm Thursday 3rd July 2008

DEAR JESSICA: I'm going to spend a long weekend with my parents. What wine do you suggest I bring to get me through endless hours of game shows, programmes about the good old days' and crossword puzzles?

The Whine Column

Oxford Mail:

4:18pm Thursday 12th June 2008

Q. Dear Jessica, my boss continues to abscond on lavish vacations, leaving me to complete his work. He’s taking off again next week to a lush French Resort. What wine should I drink to put me in the holiday mood while I do his drudgery? |— Jenny P, Botley

The Whine Column

Oxford Mail:

6:07pm Thursday 29th May 2008

Q. I have builders in at the moment. They are very good and fortunately the only cracks I have seen have not been in the plasterwork. I'd love to invite them to stay for dinner when the construction is finished. What wine should I buy? Ann C, Jericho A. How lucky you are to find excellent workmen. Most people just offer tea and coffee; I think it's a great idea to invite them over for a meal.

The Whine Column

10:49am Tuesday 20th May 2008

Q. I’ve been invited to a Christian barbecue. I usually bring a bottle of wine as a gift for my host or hostess at parties. Given the religious overtones, is this appropriate? Also I really prefer to drink red wine, but with the great hot weather we have been having in Oxford, red seems a little heavy for an outdoors day event. Can you help? Natalie T., Headington.

The Whine Column

Oxford Mail:

2:54pm Thursday 1st May 2008

DEAR JESSICA: After months of asking, I have finally got the girl of my desires to agree to go out with me. Now I'm stuck. She likes wine, but I know nothing about it. Where in Oxford can I take her to get good wine, that won't empty my wallet and maybe get me a kiss at the end of the night? Chris H.

Wine with the boss

1:06pm Thursday 10th April 2008

DEAR JESSICA: My boss has invited me around for dinner. I want to be playful, but not give him the wrong idea. What wine do you suggest?

Infectious wine

2:53pm Thursday 27th March 2008

Dear Jessica: I'm afraid I may be responsible for my boyfriend's athlete's foot, what should I do? JESSICA UNCORKED: You have to tell him.

The Whine Column

5:39pm Thursday 13th March 2008

Dear Jessica: I have head lice, what do I do?

Dear Jessica

11:50am Monday 3rd March 2008


The Whine Column

2:52pm Thursday 31st January 2008

DEAR JESSICA: I forgot to laugh at my boss's jokes five times in a row, what wine should I drink?

The Whine Column

10:44am Friday 18th January 2008

Introducing our new "whine" column with a twist - in which local wine connoisseur Jessica Mann sips her way through some of life's typical ups and downs...

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