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Kirsty takes a Wark on the wild side

Oxford Mail: Kirsty Wark

11:00am Friday 14th March 2014

There's far more to Kirsty Wark than Newsnight; she’s also a mother, a baker, and now, a writer. She tells Jaine Blackman about her debut novel, sexism in TV and her old pal Jeremy Paxman, who isn’t nearly as scary as he seems

Cyrus Todiwala - Still hungry for challenge

Oxford Mail: Cyrus Todiwala - Still hungry for challenge

1:59pm Thursday 30th January 2014

Top Indian chef Cyrus Todiwala takes time out of his hectic schedule to tell Katherine MacAlister what makes him tick

My novel way of dealing with delays

Oxford Mail: Writer's delayed reaction

12:09pm Thursday 16th January 2014

How author Dominic Utton's frustration with delays on the train from Oxford to London led to the publication of his first novel

Picks of the best books for Christmas

Oxford Mail: How Did All This Happen? by John Bishop

11:23am Thursday 19th December 2013

Advised by Waterstones on gifts, Tim Hughes delights in Del Boy and wallows in Walliams

The Phoenix Picturehouse: A century of cinema magic

Oxford Mail: The new book celebrating 100 years of the Phoenix

12:04pm Thursday 12th December 2013

James Luxford delves into a new book that chronicles the life and times of The Phoenix Cinema

Move over Dan, there’s a new SECRET to unearth

Oxford Mail: Paul Hoggart

5:00pm Thursday 26th September 2013

A historic mystery in the hushed corridors of academia has RICHARD CORFIELD mesmerised

Book of the month: Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter: A bittersweet story of a ruinous romance

Oxford Mail: italian romance: Beautiful Ruins By Jess Walter

7:11pm Thursday 15th August 2013

ANDREW FFRENCH enjoys a convoluted tale of love, loss and regret, set on the beautiful Italian Riviera

Take Hart: There’s a lot more to Miranda Hart's book under the cover

Oxford Mail: Quirky: Miranda

3:43pm Thursday 4th July 2013

Could Miranda Hart’s bestselling book really be as funny as her show? GILL SUTHERLAND finds there’s plenty to chortle over

Word Up

Oxford Mail: THE LATEST READS: Be prepared for page turners...

4:00pm Thursday 13th June 2013

Looking for some books to take with you on holiday? Andrew Ffrench reviews the latest releases

Royal Rumpus

Oxford Mail: OXFORD MAIL BOOK OF THE MONTH: 'a novel packed with internecine rivalry, the corrupting force of ambition and power, built around a simple love story'

4:00pm Thursday 6th June 2013

FRAN BARDSLEY discusses our new book of the month, set in the War of the Roses

Shelf Life

Oxford Mail: BIG BROTHER BY LIONEL SHRIVER: 'Shriver is fearless when it comes to tackling subjects many authors might be too squeamish to attempt...'

4:00pm Thursday 30th May 2013

ANDREW FFRENCH reviews the latest releases to hit the bookshelves

Train Lines

Oxford Mail: BOOK OF THE MONTH: 'a nostalgic love story that takes place in London, Paris, New England, and the best-maintained railway siding in Australia'

4:00pm Thursday 4th April 2013

ANDREW FFRENCH gets on track with our latest Book of the Month

Drawn to Writing

Oxford Mail: POLLY DUNBAR: "I was in my own little world making up stories and now I’m trying to show that other world to other people..."

4:00pm Wednesday 13th March 2013

KATHERINE MACALISTER talks to an author who has discovered the art of translating sudden ideas into the stories and characters that children love

Walking Tall

Oxford Mail: JULIA BRADBURY: “All those male viewers who watch me in my Gore-tex. What are they thinking?”

4:00pm Wednesday 13th March 2013

Country girl Julia Bradbury is unlikely to swap the great outdoors for an indoor life – even with a young child, finds KATHERINE MACALISTER

Gone to Plot

Oxford Mail: BOOK OF THE MONTH: 'the chilling unravelling of a relationship gone bad is perfectly suited to our current cold climate...'

4:00pm Thursday 28th February 2013

ANDREW FFRENCH enjoys the twists in this thriller which is set to be made into a film

Clever Box

Oxford Mail: BLANDINGS CASTLE: is packed with laughs and adapts Wodehouse’s colourful comic prose for the first time in 50 years"

4:00pm Thursday 14th February 2013

Andrew Ffrench considers those books guaranteed to give you a warm glow as England struggles to emerge from the depths of winter

Crash Scenes in Capital

Oxford Mail: BOOK OF THE MONTH: 'I loved this tale of woe, found it life-affirming and uplifting, and can’t wait for his next novel'

4:00pm Thursday 17th January 2013

Our latest book of the month is an ambitious take on the recent banking collapse and how it has affected ordinary lives, as ANDREW FFRENCH finds out

Courting Favour With Our Latest Book of The Month - Bring Up The Bodies

Oxford Mail: HILARY MANTEL: 'The novels are an astonishing feat of imagination"

4:00pm Thursday 8th November 2012

ANDREW FFRENCH finds himself transported back to the court of Henry VIII in our latest Book of the Month

The Very Best of This Year's Blenheim Literay Festival 2012

Oxford Mail: FREDERICK FORSYTH: Day of The Jackal, The Odessa File, Dogs of War... and so on

6:00pm Thursday 13th September 2012

JEREMY SMITH checks out the highlights of this year’s Blenheim Literary Festival in leafy Woodstock

Oxford Mail's Book of The Month For September Is 'The Pleasures of Men'

Oxford Mail: KATE WILLIAMS: 'a competent debut'

6:00pm Thursday 6th September 2012

The murky streets of Victorian London come to life for  ANDREW FFRENCH in our Book of the Month

Debut Novel of Oxford Author Amanda Jennings is Unputdownable

Oxford Mail: AMANDA JENNINGS: “I think it’s a familiar story of being rejected and not giving up...”

6:00pm Thursday 23rd August 2012

The debut novel by Oxfordshire author Amanda Jennings has KATHERINE MACALISTER clamouring for more

Fifty Shades of Grey is August's Book of The Month for Oxford Mail and Waterstones

Oxford Mail: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY: 'You’ll find yourself chewing your nails, twirling your hair and shifting to the edge of your chair as your eyes race down the page to find out, AT LAST, what is going to happen...'

6:00pm Thursday 2nd August 2012

ANNA MATEI discovers what all the excitement is about with our latest book for the month. Using the voucher in today's Oxford Mail (Thursday, August 2 - Page 22) get the book for half-price at Waterstones Oxford and Witney)

Cycle of Life

Oxford Mail: GOLD: 'Cleave has timed his publishing run perfectly and he knows that writing a novel is a marathon and not a sprint'

6:00pm Thursday 28th June 2012

An Olympic theme runs through our latest book of the month, but, as ANDREW FFRENCH finds out, there’s so much more...

Hard Reign

Oxford Mail: ANDREW MARR: 'national treasure...'

6:00pm Thursday 31st May 2012

ANDREW FFRENCH gets into Jubilee mood with our latest Book of the Month that’s all about the Queen THE BOOK: THERE’S no better time time for a Royal knees-up than when the economy is in crisis.

Flash Backs

Oxford Mail: DOMINIC SANDBROOK: "The author has his rivals but his prose stands out. It is packed with detailed analysis and lively quotes and is rarely dull."

6:00pm Thursday 10th May 2012

ANDREW FFRENCH talks to author Dominic Sandbrook, right, about his latest book chronicling life in 1970s Britain HISTORIAN Dominic Sandbrook, who lives in Chipping Norton, would like to point out he has never been invited to join the infamous phone-hacking set.

Sting In The Tail

Oxford Mail: MICHAEL CRICHTON: 'a fairly astonishing pedigree by anyone’s standards'

6:00pm Thursday 19th April 2012

JEREMY SMITH looks at Michael Crichton’s final literary effort, which is the latest Guide Book of the Month.

Writers' Bloc

Oxford Mail: 2012 Oxford Literary Festival: 'with more than 300 events to choose from, at venues around the county, including the Sheldonian Theatre and Blenheim Paalace, there really is something for everyone'

6:00pm Thursday 22nd March 2012

KATHERINE MacALISTER previews the 2012 Oxford Literary Festival, taking place around the city and county.

Womanly Smiles

Oxford Mail: HOW TO BE A WOMAN: 'blokes should give the latest Lee Child a rest to read this book instead – they just might learn something...'

6:00pm Thursday 15th March 2012

ANDREW FFRENCH enjoys a few laugh out loud moments thanks to our latest Book of the Month, How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran.

Memory Man

Oxford Mail: BOOK OF THE MONTH: author SJ Watson of 'Berfore I Go To Sleep'

6:00pm Thursday 2nd February 2012

ANDREW FFRENCH gets under the covers with our latest Book of the Month, a mind-bending debut from author SJ Watson.

Next Chapter

Oxford Mail: SARAH WINMAN: “The novel was sold in April 2010 and when I got the news I was sitting in the churchyard at Holy Trinity Church in Headington Quarry..."

6:00pm Thursday 12th January 2012

ANDREW FFRENCH catches up with actress Sarah Winman whose debut novel won the Oxford Mail/Waterstones book award.

Child's Play

Oxford Mail: LAUREN CHILD: “People often think that I was a great reader, but I wasn’t"

6:00pm Thursday 24th November 2011

Children’s author reveals the secret code behind her success to KATHERINE MacALISTER.

Child's Play

Oxford Mail: LEE CHILD: " perfectly in control of his material and leads the reader towards a devastating conclusion."

6:00pm Thursday 3rd November 2011

ANDREW FFRENCH muscles his way into our latest Book of the Month.

Love And War

6:00pm Thursday 27th October 2011

The Guide delves beneath the covers of the latest fiction and non-fiction releases.

Book club: Mall content

Oxford Mail: Kate Atkinson

6:00pm Thursday 29th September 2011

Started Early, Took My Dog is Kate Atkinson’s eighth major work of fiction and the fourth to feature the thoughtful detective Jackson Brodie, who first appears in the critically acclaimed Case Histories, which was adapted for a BBC TV series earlier this year.

Family trade

6:00pm Thursday 22nd September 2011

SPITFIRE pilot, champion jockey and thriller-writing legend are just some of the achievements Dick Francis was able to list on his colourful CV before his death aged 89 in February last year.

Novel Idea

Oxford Mail: AUTHOR SARAH WINMAN: 'the novel could make the journey from page to screen...'

6:00pm Thursday 1st September 2011

ANDREW FFRENCH delves into our latest Book of the Month with Sarah Winman’s first published novel.

One Fine Day

Oxford Mail: AUTHOR DAVID NICHOLLS: "I love writing dialogue and fiction, so perhaps inevitably there was a filmic quality.”

6:00pm Thursday 25th August 2011

ANDREW Ffrench speaks to best-selling novelist David Nicholls about how his tale of a bittersweet romance was adapted for the big screen.

Sofi's Voice

Oxford Mail: SOFI OKSANEN: 'not for the faint-hearted...'

6:00pm Thursday 28th July 2011


Magic Formulas

Oxford Mail: MARK THORNTON OF MOSTLY BOOKS: "If there is a new Harry Potter out there we might not know about it yet..."

6:00pm Thursday 14th July 2011

ANDREW FFRENCH asks what series will next grab the public’s imagination after Potter.

Page Turners

6:00pm Friday 8th July 2011

ANDY FFRENCH checks out some of this week’s book releases...

Queen of The Castle

Oxford Mail: PERFECT KATE : 'Morton makes sure readers enjoy an intriguing journey'

6:00pm Thursday 30th June 2011

ANDREW FFRENCH discovers the inspiration behind the intriguing tale in our latest Book of the Month.

Work of Art

Oxford Mail: DEAREST DAVID: behind the sculpture

6:00pm Thursday 23rd June 2011

ANDREW FFRENCH speaks with renowned children’s author Mary Hoffman about her passionate and racy novel David.

Good Question

Oxford Mail: THE FINKLER QUESTION BY HOWARD JACOBSON: 'a thought-provoking read as well as an amusing one'

6:00pm Thursday 2nd June 2011

ANDREW FFRENCH delves into our latest Book of the Month – The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson.

Perfect For Some 'Me' Time

Oxford Mail: AUTHOR MICHEL FABER: 'Faber’s story is an epic tale of lust, class and power...'

6:00pm Thursday 12th May 2011

It wowed television audiences when it was turned into a mini series, and ANDREW FFRENCH discovers The Crimson Petal and the White is a real page turner.

The Alice behind Wonderland

Oxford Mail: Alice

6:00pm Thursday 28th April 2011

SUMPTUOUS tea parties will be held up and down the land tomorrow to celebate the Royal wedding of Kate and Prince William.

Roar Talent

Oxford Mail: DAVID SHEPHERD: "SOME books are worth buying a coffee table for..."

6:00pm Thursday 7th April 2011

Artist’s amazing archive collection from his lifetime’s work is worth the expense, writes ANDREW FFRENCH.

Sad Journey

Oxford Mail: GHOST LIGHT BY JOSEPH O'CONNOR: 'a touching account of a doomed love affair'

6:00pm Thursday 31st March 2011

ANDREW FFRENCH considers the beauty of the Oxford Mail/Waterstones April Book of The Month.

Festival Fever

Oxford Mail: OXFORD LITERARY FESTIVAL: 'with more than 550 talks and events this year...'

6:00pm Thursday 24th March 2011

andrew ffrench counts down to one of the literary highlights of the year.

Past Masters

Oxford Mail: PICTORIAL RECOLLECTION: 'Here is what Oxford was, and here is what Oxford always has been'

6:00pm Thursday 17th March 2011

JEREMY SMITH flicks through a pictorial recollection of Oxford.

Hot Topic

Oxford Mail: SOLAR TALENT: Ian McEwan

6:00pm Thursday 3rd March 2011

ANDREW FFRENCH delves into our latest Book of the Month – Solar, a climate change tale by Ian McEwan.

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