SEVENTY students continued to occupy the Radcliffe Camera this morning in their demonstration against higher education reforms.

And a protest spokesman said they would stay at the historic building in the centre of Oxford until the University condemned the Government plans.

Students took over the Radcliffe yesterday afternoon after a demonstration march from Carfax.

They are protesting against Government plans to raise the cap on tiuition fees.

Protest spokesman Musab Younis, a politics student at Wadham College, said security were barring anyone else entering the Radcliffe but police had not attempted to evict the occupiers.

He said: "We are still here and we've had a really good night actually.

"The night was slightly cold but they have turned the heating on now.

"We are planning to stay until the University releases a statement opposing the higher eductation cuts, saying it will not privatise itself and agrees not to raise fees.

"We think occupation is a tried and tested method of protest.

"We have received overwhelming support from the locals."

A day of workshops, talks and teachings were planned now, Mr Younis added.

He said police had taken photographs of people involved in the occupation but had made no attempt to move them on.

Mr Younis said the Government's plans were damaging to future generations. Students would welcome anyone to go to the Radcliffe Camera in Radcliffe Square and debate the issues with them, he added.

Yesterday saw student protests across the country.