IF Michael Gove had any doubt how headteachers felt about Government changes to GCSEs, he should be perfectly clear today.

As thousands of students opened up their results across Oxfordshire, their teachers made a stand against Gove and the new way of publishing grades without including resits.

Quite understandably many of them decided to only release their best results.

While the other set will shape the league tables published later this year, it’s the best results that count for the students.

And so it’s only fair that they should be the ones we all congratulate, or otherwise.

But there has to be a cut-off point when it comes to resits as they can’t have endless attempts to get it right.

We don’t want to set our students up to fail and so have to be realistic about what they can achieve.

As some of our success stories today pay testament to, many students battle through adversity to get top results.

And they have to deal with the pessimists who every year say exams are getting easier.

Gove should today be well aware of the strength of feeling against his so-called reforms to exams.

And let’s hope the new Education Secretary takes more notice of the students’ performance rather than the way grades are released.