IT must have been so difficult for the family of Liberty Baker to talk about their loss.

Paul and Maureen’s daughter was taken from them far too early, in tragic circumstances.

Even more harrowing is how Mr Baker had heard about the car crash on the radio and, in that eerie way that lurks with loss, knew his daughter was involved.

He will forever wonder what could have happened if the schoolgirl had left a bit later on her way to Henry Box.

With a man on bail, having been arrested for causing death by dangerous driving, the family have to wait even longer to get the answers about what happened that fateful day.

Until then they will not be able to find closure and move on.

And it will be the small things like not hearing her music playing from the bathroom that will make the loss feel most profound.

Liberty’s parents have already demonstrated great strength and courage and were determined to pay tribute to their daughter despite the hurt.

They thanked the amazing response from the Witney community, which has come together to raise money for a permanent memorial for the 14-year-old.

The town was shocked by the death and has shown its spirit by uniting in grief.

Liberty may be gone, but it is clear she will not be forgotten.