IN a season where the Premiership sides have led the way in virtually all of the themed Tabletop quizzes, how refreshing it was last Thursday night to have the Rock and Pop instalment dominated by a posse of the so-called lesser lights.

Proceedings were concentrated in three venues. Over in Haddenham, the home side and newly-crowned East division champions, the Green Dragon, came top with 145 points, two ahead of their old rivals the King’s Arms (Wheatley). It has been a good year for the Dragons especially following the loss of a couple of key players. Undoubtedly, discussions will now arise as to which level they should compete at in 2014/15. Surely, the opportunity to have a crack at the big guns in the Premier section should not be spurned.

Unfortunately, that tally of 145 was not sufficient on the night to take home the silverware. Sadly, for the White Hart (Eynsham), their posting of a mightily impressive 160 meant they too returned home empty-handed. They can take a lot of credit, however, for winning the leg held at the Green Road Club (Kidlington), leaving a host of handy teams in their wake. On most days their tally would have been good enough to take the spoils, particularly with such luminaries as Far From The Madding Crowd ‘A’ (Oxford City) and the Plough (Wolvercote) languishing five or more points behind.

They’re a rum crew, the Ploughman’s Bunch! Having secured the Premiership title seven days earlier, they were despatched uncomplainingly to Haddenham, accompanied with the expectation that they would extend their fine run of form. Instead, they put in their most ignominious performance of recent times, finishing fifteenth of the eighteen starters.

Nevertheless, it has been a great year for the Bunch! as they are about to embark on the defence of their Summer Premiership championship.

Eclipsed by their stablemate, the Blue Boar Bees, in the race for the North division, the Blue Boar ‘A’ (Chipping Norton) salvaged their campaign with a spectacular victory in the ‘Rock and Pop’.

Playing at home and with a line-up populated by a surfeit of music buffs, whom skipper Busby confidently predicted would have absolutely no chance of winning any other type of quiz, the hosts amassed 167 points, the highest total for this type of quiz in living memory. A just reward for a nice gang of people and a bloomin’ good pub.

Finally, as the curtain descends on another season, a word or two of thanks. Firstly, to all the teams, with the hope that those who have opted out for the summer will renew hostilities in October. Secondly, to James Carr for preparing the questions. Next, to the Oxford Mail, for its great support by way of both column inches, and for the financial contribution to the trophies.

Also, to those who read the questions every Thursday night – invaluable. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, to the landlords and stewards of the pubs and clubs which accommodate us. Without you – no quiz.