PLANS for more signs and road markings by a roundabout plagued by accidents do not go far enough, Bicester councillors have said.

Oxfordshire County Council is to install bigger speed limit signs and chevrons on the approach to the roundabout at the junction of the A41 and Vendee Drive.

It was installed on the dual carriageway A41 in 2011 but has been the site of a series of accidents. Vehicles have hit signs, damaged brickwork, uprooted trees and left skid marks in their wake.

In 2011 four men were seriously injured when their car hit the roundabout and overturned, leaving two paralysed.

The driver, Joshan Anwar, 30, was jailed for 15 months in January last year after admitting dangerous driving and driving while over the legal alcohol limit.

Members of Bicester Town Council say the county council’s plans are inadequate.

They want road markings and rumble strips installed on the approaches as well.

Independent Nick Cotter said that last month he saw a BMW on top of the roundabout which then reversed and sped off, leaving parts at the scene.

Fellow councillor Les Sibley said drivers were still exceeding the 60mph and 40mph speed limits approaching the junction.

He said: “There’s been lorries and cars and all sorts going down the A41 too fast and then they hit the roundabout.

“It’s wrecked the roundabout completely.

“This is probably the prime gateway into Bicester, so if it’s all smashed up it gives a bad impression of the town.

“It’s not only an eyesore but it’s fast becoming an accident blackspot.”

There are also concerns over a tight left hand turn buses will make when a new park and ride is built off the roundabout.

Mr Cotter said: “My concern about all of this, is that not only is this a really shabby first view of Bicester, but with the proposed new park and ride involving a very sharp left turn off this roundabout, the highway safety issues are very concerning.”