Our deputy picture editor Richard Cave takes his pick of the week’s best photographs and tells us why he reckons they make the grade

Zippo's circus was in town and Ed Nix took a cracking picture, above, of ‘Summer’ and Sultan, one of the Liberty horses, against the city skyline.

Good composition, lovely colours – great job

Oxford Mail:

For those of us with half an eye on the goings-on in Ukraine, they could be forgiven for getting a little jumpy on a visit to Woodstock.

Pete Neal is photographed in Oxon and Bucks Light Infantry uniform for the Live History WWI Exhibition at the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum – worrying image taken by Ed Nix

Oxford Mail:

We took a lot of pictures of the Oxford Literary Festival.

I love this one of Peter Snow looking pensive and slightly pigeon like as he addresses his audience at Corpus Christi College.

It’s a nice moment, nice light and a nice crop. Picture Mark Hemsworth

Oxford Mail:

I love the fact that 10-year-old Alex White has been made a patch reporter by BBC Wildlife Magazine you can’t start too early – lovely pictures by Mark West

Oxford Mail:

How do you illustrate the fact that these students are going to climb 15 mountains without any props, kit or indeed mountains ?

Jon Lewis did a fine job coaxing his Keble College subjects into being facially expressive and assuming appropriate stances in keeping with the task of scaling the dizzying heights of the quad steps.

His composition combined with nice off-camera flash make for a pretty good visual accompaniment to the story

Oxford Mail:

Monday saw the final flight of the Tri Star at RAF Brize Norton.

Ed Nix took some very nice images of the last crew with it, the blocks being put under the wheels etc.

But it was this shot of the plane that took my eye. On one hand it could be mistaken for an example of the shutter firing accidentally, what with its sloping horizon and the huge amount of the picture being taken up by sky.

However, Ed’s off-kilter framing was very much his intent, the runway lines lead us to the menacing presence of the backlit and stationary military plane, as the miles of dramatic sky soar into the distance.

It has impact and drama and it works

Oxford Mail:

This is just amazing: five lads, 1,000 man hours and a tree house 80ft up with doors, windows, a spiral staircase, furnished rooms and a viewing platform.

Which big kid wouldn’t be fascinated by this subject in Lower Heyford and be impressed by Simon Williams’ splendid pictures of the thing?

My only concern is that my seven year old might spot the picture and use it as an example to question why our rather smaller scale project (a 25cm birdhouse) is still without a roof and languishing in the shed having been started about six months ago!