GAME addicts raised £38,000 for an Oxfordshire special needs charity by playing video games for 24 hours.

More than 150 teams and individuals across the world joined the Gameblast marathon, raising £38,000.

Teams from as far away as Australia and the USA were involved and one team in the UK played for 72 hours.

The Charlbury charity helps disabled youngsters to play computer games by giving them specially-adapted equipment.

SpecialEffect chief Mick Donegan said: “We’re immensely grateful to everyone who played.

"Jagex Games Studio ran an unbelievable event from their offices, and we’re also indebted to staff from Multiplay, GAME and many other companies.”

Both disabled and non-disabled gamers took part.

An IT support analyst who has spinal muscular atrophy, and gave his name only as Ajay, uses a chin joystick, voice control and body switches thanks to the charity.

He raised over £200 by playing for seven hours.

“SpecialEffect have brought inclusion back into many people’s lives,” he said.

The charity has already set a date for next year’s GameBlast, February 20-23, 2015.