A DOG owner has received a last chance to control her pet after it escaped and attacked another dog and bit a man.

At Banbury Magistrates’ Court on Friday, Elizabeth Smith, 45, admitted a charge of allowing her dog to be dangerously out of control on November 11 last year.

The court heard the white English bull terrier dog called Dodger escaped from her home in Holly Close, Bicester, after the front door was accidentally left open.

It ran to nearby shopping parade in Holm Square, Southwold, where it attacked another dog that was being watched over by an 11-year-old boy.

Sarah Mackay, prosecuting, said: “A man had left his dog outside with his son. He heard his son scream and went outside to find a stray dog attacking his dog.”

CCTV footage captured the man carrying his dog into the Tesco shop.

During the attack, his hand was bitten and he suffered a puncture wound, the court heard. His dog also suffered five puncture wounds to its back and an injury to its paw.

Sumita Mahtab, defending, said as soon as Ms Smith realised the dog was missing she went to look for it.

She said: “Ms Smith is a passionate animal lover and is extremely remorseful and extremely guilty for not ensuring the front door was closed.”

Magistrates’ chairman Ilene Bussell warned Smith must keep the three-year-old dog muzzled and on a lead at all times when it is out in public.

She must also pay £50 to the man in compensation, £60 for his excess vet bill fee, £145 fine, £85 costs and £20 victim surcharge.