IT has cared for hundreds of abandoned animals over a staggering 46 years.

But soon the incredibly valuable Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary could face closure.

With a regular income of £20,000 a month, some may think that’s plenty to keep the centre running but when you think that its vets bills alone are £126,000 a year, the money doesn’t go far enough.

And unless it raises an extra £40,000 it simply won’t be able to keep going.

It’s not the first time the sanctuary has faced a financial struggle.

Back in 2009 the Oxford Mail published an appeal for the sanctuary and as a result an open day was flooded with cash and help from supporters.

There are some very generous people out there who go above and beyond for the causes the closest to them.

And perhaps the animal sanctuary does, as a woman who adopted a dog from the centre says, get overlooked for the bigger and more established animal sanctuaries.

But the tireless efforts by its many workers, volunteers and supporters cannot go unrecognised by the wider community.

Let’s hope that by publicising its struggle, it helps in some way to raise the much-needed cash to keep it going.