A LETTER written by Lewis Carroll has revealed he disliked being famous.

Signed as Charles Dodgson, his real name, the Alice In Wonderland author – who studied in Oxford in the 1850s – told a Mrs Symonds: “[I dislike] letters of mine being put into autograph collections.

“All that sort of publicity leads to strangers hearing of my real name in connection with the books, and to my being pointed out to and stared at by strangers.

“I hate all that so intensely that sometimes I almost wish I had never written any books at all.”

He goes on to say that some may not understand his complaints, “we are not all made on the same pattern.

“Our likes and dislikes are very different.”

The correspondence, dated November 9, 1891, is up for auction at Bonhams in London on March 19.

It is expected to sell for more than £4,000.