A 19-YEAR-OLD robber picked up a drunk clubber and drove him around Oxford while making several attempts to withdraw cash from his bank account.

Michael McDonagh, of Bullingdon Road, Oxford, was sentenced to 40 months in prison yesterday after admitting the offences at Oxford Crown Court.

The teenager pleaded guilty to one count of robbery and one count of fraud carried out in the early hours of November 16 last year.

Jonathan Stone, prosecuting, said McDonagh and an unnamed accomplice picked up their victim in a Toyota Avensis after he had been drinking at Yahoo in Hythe Bridge Street.

He said 22-year-old Alec Selwyn, who came from London for a night out in Oxford, was threatened into handing over his bank cards, mobile phone and PIN number.

The barrister said the two men then drove to cashpoints around the city to withdraw money, making a total of 13 attempts between 2.40am and 3.14am, only two of which were successful.

He said the pair managed to take out a total of £300 in cash and their victim also remembers they asked him where he lived and discussed burgling his house.

Mr Stone said the evening came to an end when one of the men punched Mr Selwyn in the face and he was dumped in a field off Shaftesbury Avenue, Barton, Oxford.

He told Judge Mary Jane Mowat that the young man managed to make his way to a nearby house and raise the alarm at around 4.20am.

The prosecutor added: “This was a nasty incident that took place over quite a period of time where these defendants tried to help themselves to the money in their victim’s bank account.

“And this victim suffered injuries during the robbery, which must have been a terrifying experience.”

He said that Mr Selwyn was left with bruises and cuts to his face and grazes to his knees following his ordeal.

Mr Stone also added that McDonagh already had nine convictions for 15 offences, most of which are for public order offences or dishonesty.

Terence Woods, defending, said his client, who is married with a seven-month old child, maintains that it was not him who punched Mr Selwyn in the face.

He said: “This offence is quite different from his previous offending and he really regrets what happened.”

Judge Mowat said in her view the robbery was aggravated by the use of a car to stop their victim from leaving and sentenced McDonagh to three years and four months in prison.