EVER heard of a dragon fire clock?

No, neither had Daniel Hansen, at least not until he visited the Museum of the History of Science in Broad Street, Oxford, on Saturday.

The ancient chinese artefact – which uses a burning stick of incense to mark the passage of time – was on display as part of celebrations to mark the Chinese New Year.

The Year of the Horse was brought in with a session of children’s activities.

Daniel visited the museum with his mum Margaret and got the chance to make his own dragon clock, pictured with him.

Six-year-old Daniel, from Long Crendon, near Thame, said: “I had a really fun time making the clock and visiting the museum.”

Margaret said: “Daniel really likes science, so we took him to the museum because of that and it was a nice bonus that there was this activity for him to do.

“He had been to the museum recently with school so he has been twice in about two weeks, but he really enjoyed himself.”