CANCER campaigner Clive Stone has a new lease of life after being told his brain shows no signs of the disease.

Mr Stone, 66, has had 34 brain tumours removed over the past three years and, following his latest scan, surgeons have told him that for now there is no sign of cancer.

Mr Stone was twice forced to pay £15,000 for a gamma-knife radiosurgery operation on his brain because the procedure was not funded by the NHS.

The former bank manager from Eynsham, who lost his wife Jan to breast cancer in 2011, said the news has put a real spring in his step. “I feel more confident and I can concentrate better on my work,” said Mr Stone, who was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2007.

The father-of-two received the good news from Sheffield surgeon Andras Kemeny, who carried out gamma-knife operations to remove his brain tumours.

Mr Stone added: “It’s incredible news, but that doesn’t mean to say there won’t be a brain tumour there in six months’ time.

“Thirty-four brain tumours would have killed most people but I am still campaigning on behalf of cancer patients.

“I asked people in the local church to pray for me so you could call this a miracle.”

But Mr Stone said he has been told he has a tumour on his spine, which will require five days of radiotherapy.

But he feels more healthy after the good news.

He added: “I was a bit wobbly on my feet before and I’m walking much better now.”

After Mr Stone got kidney cancer, he began campaigning for other patients.

In 2010, he forced the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, which recommends what drugs the NHS should use, to agree that the life-extending drug Sunitinib would get state funding.

That year Prime Minister David Cameron approved a £200m cancer drug fund with £15m for radiotherapy.

Mr Stone had two operations on the NHS in 2011 for brain tumours to be removed, but the following year he had to pay £15,228 each for two radiosurgery operations.

But funding became available last April and meant he did not have to pay for his last operation in July.