AT least five people have been arrested after police swooped on an estate off Botley Road in Oxford following reports of three men with knives entering someone's home.

At least six police vehicles are parked up - some with their lights still flashing - at Osney Court, about 200 yards from the PC World site on Botley Road.

One local told the Mail that the police had descended on the scene at 7am.

Another said she had heard shouting and swearing at the time.

Thames Valley Police say a number of people have been arrested, but it is unclear exactly how many.

Some drugs have also been recovered from the scene.

The incident involves a number of foreign nationals, although it is not yet clear how many or where they are from.

The police were called out at 6.45am after a woman rang to say three people had entered her flat with knives.

Police say they apprehended three men near the scene matching descriptions she had given shortly afterwards.

Those three men have been arrested on suspicion of drug possession and it appears two others have as well, although police say the incident is ongoing and full information has not emerged yet.

After the initial call-out, police say the woman who had rung up became uncooperative and officers are still at the scene speaking to her now.

Officers have searched a property on Osney Court where one of the three initially arrested is thought to live.

That property had at least nine other people in it and some of them "caused problems", police say, leading to arrests.

Some wraps of cannabis have been recovered at the scene.

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