DRIVERS travelling around a tight bend on a road between Spelsbury and Chipping Norton have left a large pile of broken signs.

Warnings to drivers to kill their speed on a corner of the B4026 appear to be having the opposite effect, said Spelsbury resident Trevor Taylor.

The retired BBC Radio 4 producer, 67, said cars keep knocking the signs down as soon as they have been replaced by council workmen.

The corner is just north of the village on the way to Chipping Norton.

Mr Taylor said: “People go down the road too fast, lose it on the corner and crash into the field.

“The county council agency puts up these ‘slow down’ signs but they get demolished practically the next day by speeding cars.

“If they keep putting them up it it must be costing a small fortune.

“I think it has been going on for a couple of years now.”

Mr Taylor added: “Sooner or later there will be a nasty crash and then questions will be asked.”